Fanless PC Core Duo 2.16, LG-P755FH, PCI slot/2 LANs/2 display[LG-P755FH]

Fanless PC Core Duo 2.16, LG-P755FH, PCI slot/2 LANs/2 display[LG-P755FH]


Car Adapter:

To cig. lighter (+$69.00)

Car Inverter:

DC to AC. (+$69.00)

(Bluetooth option):

Built-in bluetooth (cannot combine with built-in Wireless 802.11 (+$79.00)



Solid State Drive:

Hard drive or SOLID STATE DRIVE:

Operating software:

Office Software:

(Wireless option):

Built-in wireless 802.11 B/G/N (+$139.00)


Power Switch:

USB Flash Drive:

Power Supply AC adapter:

ROHS compliant:




Mobile LCD monitor:

Built-in DVI/VGA port:

USB floppy drive:


USB external hard drive 2.5":

Solid State Drive SLC:

Monitor -Industrial panel mount:

VGA(Graphic) On-board:

Quantity :

Smallest Core Duo fanless PC with PCI slot (low profile)

7.5"(W) x 2.95"(H) x 7.24"(D)

Back panel

**option for HDMI/HDTV, 1394, LVDS, IrDA

Main Features:

Fanless solution, passive cooling, silent and maintenance-free

  • Support Intel mobile Core Duo up to 2.0GHZ and Celeron M CPU
  • Dust-free, no ventilation hole ,Heat Sink/Pipe
  • Simple design, no power button to prevent from re-setting accidentally
  • 1 x low profile PCI slot (45mm height limit)
  • ROHS compliance
  • Intel 945GM+ICH7M
  • Thermal Control Technology
  • Dual Display Support (Simultaneous Dual output or Extended Desktop, 16:9 Resolution HDTV)
  • Dual on-board 10/100/1G LAN, 1394(optional), 4 x USB 2.0
  • Ultra low noise and low power consumption
  • Power in: DC 12V
  • 7.5"(W) x 2.95"(H) x 7.24"(D)
  • Rugged Extruded Aluminium Chassis - takes Vibration, Shock
  • Compact design, high performance
  • Capable of installing a network card for real-time wireless
  • Optional CF card reader in the front for booting up system
  • Dust-free, no ventilation hole
  • Ideal for the applications where the environment is harsh and
    need of immediate collecting, such as depots, warehouses, ports,
    distribution centers, lumberyards, fleet
  • Mounting kit is  included.